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"White House ‘Resistance’ mole a fake – NY Times admits they were trolled"

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New York Times anonymous op-ed author isn’t a liberal troll

We still don’t know who wrote the anonymous New York Times op-ed, but we do know it wasn’t Art Tubolls — an anagram for "Busta Troll" and a regular fictitious character on a popular false news blog.

On Sept. 5, the New York Times Opinion desk published the op-ed, authored by an unnamed top official in the Trump administration. The author says he or she is one of many top officials "working diligently from within to frustrate parts of (Trump’s) agenda and his worst inclinations."

People inside and outside the White House continue to speculate on the writer’s identity, and some bloggers have jumped on the opportunity to spread misinformation. One example comes from with this headline: "BREAKING: White House ‘Resistance’ mole a fake – NY Times admits they were trolled."

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The story was copied word-for-word from one of America’s Last Line of Defense websites, and it attributes the op-ed to Art Tubolls, "an infamous liberal troll on the Soros payroll." Art Tubolls’ anagram Busta Troll is a pen name for Christopher Blair — the man who runs those sites, which are among the biggest sources of false news online.

In addition to the fake author, the false article quotes a fake source: "senior editor John Pragerski." The New York Times does not have an editor with that name.

While the America’s Last Line of Defense websites call themselves satire, did not include a disclaimer on its home page or on the story.

We’ve fact-checked other stories featuring Art Tubolls — recently he’s appeared as Michael Jordan’s spokesman and as the CEO of Comedy Central. He’s neither, and he’s not the author of the op-ed, either.

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Pants on Fire
"White House ‘Resistance’ mole a fake – NY Times admits they were trolled"
in a blog post
Friday, September 7, 2018