Tracking the promises of Gov. Rick Scott

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PolitiFact Florida has compiled promises that Rick Scott made during the 2010 and 2014 campaigns and is tracking their progress on our Scott-O-Meter.

We rate their status as Not Yet Rated, In the Works or Stalled. Once we find action is completed, we rate them Promise Kept, Compromise or Promise Broken. (See our About the Scott-O-Meter page for details on our ratings.)

The report card above provides an up-to-the-minute tally of all the promises.

Promises we’ve rated recently

Reform Medicaid with a federal waiver

The Promise:

"Reforming health care for Medicaid recipients (through a waiver) and state employees to consumer directed care will lower the cost of health care, increase choice of health plans, and save taxpayers $1.8 billion."

Update December 11th, 2018: Gov. Rick Scott kept his promise on Medicaid waivers

Issue an executive order for springs improvement

The Promise:

"Gov. Scott will issue an executive order to provide a foundation for bringing together stakeholders to plan with his administration for additional needed actions."

Update December 6th, 2018: Scott never issued springs restoration executive order

Make Florida No. 1 in higher education affordability

The Promise:

"Gov. Scott’s vision for the public, higher education system focuses on the following goals that will give Florida a competitive edge over other states: Be No. 1 in university and college affordability."

Update December 6th, 2018: Scott ends second term close to affordability goal on tuition

Be No. 1 in nation for student performance in reading and math

The Promise:

"Be No. 1 in the nation for student performance by expecting all of our students to perform at or above grade level in math and reading."

Update December 4th, 2018: Florida is not No. 1 in reading, math, despite Scott promise

Spend $25 billion on roads over five years to ease congestion

The Promise:

"Gov. Scott will further expand Florida's road network by supporting the investment of nearly $25 billion in the next five years to ease congestion by adding new lanes, enhancing exisiting roadways and making safety improvements."

Update November 29th, 2018: Scott kept promise on Florida road investment

Be No. 1 in high school graduation rates

The Promise:

"Be No. 1 in nation for high school graduation rates."

Update November 28th, 2018: Scott broke promise for Florida to rise to No. 1 in high school graduation rates

Grow Florida's economy by $74B in GDP, $41B in personal income, and $1B in tax revenues

The Promise:

"In total, Florida's economy will gain an additional 700,000 jobs, $74 billion in state GDP, $41 billion in higher personal income, $1 billion in total state tax revenues as a direct result of the increased economic growth."

Update November 26th, 2018: Scott met promise to grow Florida's economy

Double funding for programs to expand Florida businesses

The Promise:

"Currently, through Enterprise Florida, the state offers businesses the opportunity to grow into new markets through export counseling, grants to small businesses to participate in export trade missions, and offers international trade leads to Florida companies. Gov. Scott proposes doubling funding from the current year budget for these programs to help more small business expand internationally."

Update November 26th, 2018: Scott broke promise on doubling business funding

Double investment in digital learning initiatives

The Promise:

"Governor Scott will propose to double down on Florida's investment in digital learning initiatives for school districts from $40 million to $80 million."

Update November 26th, 2018: Gov. Rick Scott doubled digital learning

Eliminate Florida's corporate income tax over 7 years

The Promise:

"Eliminate Florida's corporate income tax over seven years. Fully phasing out the corporate income tax over time will have a large positive benefit for Florida's economy while having a minimal impact on state revenues. Total state tax revenues will benefit from the dynamic economic growth created by the corporate income-tax phaseout."

Update November 26th, 2018: Rick Scott broke promise to get rid of corporate taxes

Be in the Top 10 and Top 25 ranked public universities

The Promise:

"Gov. Scott’s vision for the public, higher education system focuses on the following goals that will give Florida a competitive edge over other states: Achieve the first top 10 research public university and a second ranked public university in the top 25."

Update October 8th, 2018: With help from UF, FSU, Scott reaches university rankings goal

Expand school options for parents

The Promise:

"I want to offer parents a menu of options for their children, including but not limited to charter schools, private schools, homeschooling and virtual schools. I want to create an educational program that will allow parents to get creative in how to meet the distinctive needs of their children."

Update April 24th, 2018: With new Hope scholarship, Scott continues to expand school choice

Phase out the state sales tax on commercial leases

The Promise:

"Demand the Florida Legislature phase out the 6 percent sales tax on commercial leases."

Update April 23rd, 2018: Gov. Rick Scott fails to repeal Florida's commercial lease tax

Create over 700,000 jobs

The Promise:

"The 7-step economic program — over a 7-year period — will have a positive economic impact and create over 700,000 jobs for the state of Florida."

Update April 10th, 2018: Gov. Rick Scott mostly fulfills promise to create 700,000 jobs in 7 years

Increase school security spending

The Promise:

"Gov. Scott will propose to increase school security by $10 million to over $74 million."

Update April 5th, 2018: Rick Scott signs bill strengthening school safety into law