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Democrat from New York

Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, was elected to his first term as governor of New York in 2010.

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Do many upstate lawmakers not represent a millionaire, as Cuomo said?

"Many of the Senate and Assembly districts, they don't have a millionaire upstate," Cuomo said. "So, it would affect literally no one. But they're against it because it's their basic philosophy as I mentioned."

New York state taxes wealthy earners at a higher rate. Republicans have said they’re opposed to the higher rate for the wealthy. But during last year’s state budget deal, lawmakers agreed to extend the higher rate until the end of 2019.

Since then, high-income earners lost the option to deduct more than $10,000 in state income tax as part of the federal tax law passed by Congress. So now Cuomo wants to change the state tax code so wealthy residents can continue those deductions.

Is he right that there are few millionaires upstate that would benefit from the change?

Who's paying for the $4 billion Tappan Zee Bridge replacement?

"That means all of upstate that uses the Thruway is going to be paying for the Tappan Zee Bridge, something he has not wanted to disclose for the bridge he is naming after his father," Cox said.

Is Cox right? Will upstate Thruway drivers foot part of the bill for the new bridge connecting Westchester and Rockland counties?

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