Wisconsin budget crisis inspires national ads

An ad from Democracy for America/Progressive Change Campaign Committee

National groups are starting to weigh in on the budget controversy in Wisconsin via political ads.

A ad from two Democratic advocacy groups says that Republicans in Wisconsin are waging war on the middle class by taking money from workers and giving tax breaks to corporations. 

"Money is being taken away from workers, and the tax breaks given to major corporations,"  says a worker in the ad. We decided to fact-check that claim and rated it Mostly True. We found that workers are being asked to give up money from their paychecks while companies are offered tax breaks. The tax breaks are connected to job creation, though, not corporate size. (Read the complete item.)

We're still working on a fact-check of an ad from the Republican National Committee that urges people to "fight back" against President Obama and "his union bosses." We'll update this story with that fact-check once it's complete. 



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