Watch PolitiFact’s Google+ Hangout On Air

Watch an archived recording of our first Hangout. Audio issues resolve at 0:47.

Come hang out with us!

PolitiFact editors sat down on Thursday to chat about the week in facts and take your questions.

Participants included editor Angie Drobnic Holan, deputy editor Louis Jacobson, PunditFact reporter Katie Sanders and PolitiFact Texas editor Gardner Selby.

We talked about how PolitiFact fact-checks viral Internet memes, how PunditFact fact-checks the Sunday news shows, and how PolitiFact Texas fact-checks two potential contenders for the presidency in 2016.

Since we’re in D.C., Florida and Texas, we did it via video chat.

You can watch this week's show on YouTube. (We had brief audio problems that resolve at 0:47). For future events, check out our  Google+ page.

We hope to make this a regular habit, so let us know what you think.