Tracking Gov. Gavin Newsom's Campaign Promises

The Newsom-Meter will measure whether Gov. Gavin Newsom is able to accomplish what he told voters and ultimately rate each promise as ‘Kept’, ‘Broken’ or ‘Compromise.’ It's the same process PolitiFact used with the Obameter to hold President Obama accountable and is currently used with the Trump-O-Meter to track President Trump’s commitments.

Promises we’ve rated recently

Boost affordable housing credit

The Promise:

"Increase affordable housing tax credit from $85 million to $500 million, phased in over a few years," to spur new housing development.

Update: Gavin Newsom’s housing tax credit promise is ‘In the Works’

Create universal healthcare

The Promise:

"As Governor, he will ensure California residents have universal access to healthcare, regardless of their ability to pay, pre-existing conditions, or immigration status."

Update: Gavin Newsom proposes ‘down payment’ on universal healthcare in California

Guarantee free community college

The Promise:

"Guarantee two free years of community college tuition." ​

Update: Gov. Newsom takes first step on promise of free community college in California