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Promises we’ve rated recently

Fight red tide

The Promise:

"Find Solutions to the Unprecedented Red Tides in Southwest Florida."

Update: Florida red tide initiative is step toward DeSantis promise

Enact E-verify

The Promise:

"Enact E-verify to ensure a legal workforce and higher wages for Floridians."

Update: DeSantis pursues sanctuary cities ban but not E-Verify

Address teacher shortages

The Promise:

"To help recruit the best teachers, Ron DeSantis will work with the Legislature to expand programs that incentivize top educators to teach in Florida and to develop programs that incentivize and reward teachers in more demanding or specialized positions, such as teaching Florida’s special needs students. (ask FEA)."

Update: DeSantis proposes expansion of bonuses for teachers

More access mental health/substance abuse treatment

The Promise:

"He will advocate for expanded access to and early intervention of mental health and substance abuse treatment programs."

Update: DeSantis proposes more mental health spending in Florida

Veto pork-barrel spending

The Promise:

"Veto what the legislators call 'turkeys' — costly and unnecessary pork-barrel projects."

Update: Rick Scott vetoed a lot of pork projects

Pay competitive market-based salaries for corrections staff

The Promise:

Pay "competitive market-based salaries for corrections staff."

Update: Scott made headway on prison salaries promise

Create a program for $10,000 STEM degrees

The Promise:

"In the next four years, Gov. Scott is committed to securing $10 million to create a $10,000 degree competitive STEM grant program for our state colleges."

Update: Students enrolled in $10k STEM degrees during Scott's tenure

More funding for springs restoration and alternative water supply programs

The Promise:

"During my second term I will: Continue to expand funding for springs restoration and alternative water supply programs."

Update: After cuts, Florida added more dollars for springs

Will fight to repeal federal health care law

The Promise:

Said he would join efforts to repeal the health care law, including supporting a constitutional amendment that "prohibits the federal government from imposing President Obama's individual mandate, to protect Floridians' freedom to control their health care choices."

Update: Small gains but no repeal in Rick Scott's Obamacare promise

Reform PSC for more energy production

The Promise:

"Reform PSC (Public Services Commission) processes to allow reasonable energy production and expansion."

Update: Traditional power saw gains during Scott's tenure

Invest in the Florida Innovation Fund

The Promise:

"I will invest in the state Innovation Fund that brought Scripps and Burnham research labs to Florida, developing high-tech clusters with high-paying jobs."

Update: Scott made some progress toward business fund promise

Reform Citizens Insurance to consistently operate on actuarially sound rates

The Promise:

"Rick Scott will work with the Florida Legislature" to "ensure that Citizens consistently operates on actuarially sound rates."

Update: Scott made progress toward Citizens insurance promise

Reform Medicaid with a federal waiver

The Promise:

"Reforming health care for Medicaid recipients (through a waiver) and state employees to consumer directed care will lower the cost of health care, increase choice of health plans, and save taxpayers $1.8 billion."

Update: Gov. Rick Scott kept his promise on Medicaid waivers

Issue an executive order for springs improvement

The Promise:

"Gov. Scott will issue an executive order to provide a foundation for bringing together stakeholders to plan with his administration for additional needed actions."

Update: Scott never issued springs restoration executive order

Make Florida No. 1 in higher education affordability

The Promise:

"Gov. Scott’s vision for the public, higher education system focuses on the following goals that will give Florida a competitive edge over other states: Be No. 1 in university and college affordability."

Update: Scott ends second term close to affordability goal on tuition