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Tracking the promises of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

Promises we’ve rated recently

Expand K-12 choice scholarship programs

The Promise:

"Ron DeSantis will support policies that expand choice scholarships, including raising the cap on the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program." 

Update: Florida expanded school choice programs by consolidating them, lowering requirements for entry

Protect clean air

The Promise:

"Florida is blessed to have some of the cleanest air in the country and as Governor, Ron DeSantis will continue this legacy through continued aggressive air quality monitoring and working with local stakeholders and utility companies to further improve our air quality."

Update: Florida air improves, but manmade factors continue to harm quality

More access mental health/substance abuse treatment

The Promise:

"He will advocate for expanded access to and early intervention of mental health and substance abuse treatment programs."

Update: Florida still lags other states in mental health funding, but DeSantis did act

Address teacher shortages

The Promise:

"To help recruit the best teachers, Ron DeSantis will work with the Legislature to expand programs that incentivize top educators to teach in Florida and to develop programs that incentivize and reward teachers in more demanding or specialized positions, such as teaching Florida’s special needs students."

Update: Despite pay raises, Florida's teacher shortage persists

Expand the types of health care plans available to Floridians

The Promise:

Modernize "Florida’s insurance laws so patients have access to non-traditional products, like expanded, direct physician care agreements or tailored plans, like short-term coverage or limited-benefit plans."

Update: DeSantis kept campaign promise on expanding health care plans

Build reservoir near Lake Okeechobee

The Promise:

"We need the reservoir south of Lake Okeechobee. I will be able to get that done."

Update: DeSantis acted on Lake Okeechobee reservoir, but it’s still years from completion

Phase out business rent tax

The Promise:

"Florida is the only state in the country that taxes businesses on their rent payments. This tax hits small businesses especially hard. For us to be competitive, it is imperative that we phase out this tax to help businesses, especially small businesses, invest money back into growing their company and hiring more employees."

Update: Florida sliced its business rent tax. What does that mean?

Ban fracking

The Promise:

"On day one, Ron DeSantis will advocate to the Florida Legislature to pass legislation that bans fracking in the state."

Update: DeSantis takes early steps to stop fracking, but progress stalls in state Legislature

Fight red tide

The Promise:

"Find Solutions to the Unprecedented Red Tides in Southwest Florida."

Update: DeSantis delivered on most of his promise to fight red tide

Address rising sea level challenges

The Promise:

"Ron DeSantis will work with local governments to prioritize sustainable growth and flood mitigation efforts and rising sea levels."

Update: DeSantis boosts flood resilience aid but is less decisive on sustainable growth

Make Fla. top 3 for reading and math

The Promise:

"As Governor, Ron DeSantis will set the ambitious goal of achieving top 3 status in both the NAEP and K-12 achievement rankings."

Update: DeSantis aimed to make Florida schools top 3 in the nation. COVID thwarted his effort

Diversify Florida's economy

The Promise:

"Support Efforts to Diversify our Economy. As Governor, Ron DeSantis is committed to bring higher-paying jobs to Florida and diversifying our economy is the key. We must continue to grow traditional sectors of tourism, construction and agriculture, while building opportunity in other business sectors. Financial services, biomedical research, and aerospace industries bring many high paying jobs and spur local economic growth. As Governor, Ron DeSantis will focus on efforts that create a Florida business environment where companies want to move and grow."

Update: DeSantis promised to diversify Florida’s economy — and did

Reduce the corporate income tax

The Promise:

"Ron DeSantis know that for business to flourish and job growth to continue, we must be as competitive as possible. As Governor, Ron DeSantis will work to lower this business tax to encourage businesses to move to Florida and help Florida-based businesses continue to grow."

Update: Dip in corporate income tax rate was only temporary

Reduce TV and cell phone tax

The Promise:

"Reduce the Communication Services Tax on TV, Cellphones, and Streaming Video Services. The tax on cell phones and cable TV, known as the Communication Services Tax, is one of the highest in the nation. Cell phone and cable bills are high enough without the state adding to them. As Governor, Ron DeSantis will work to lower this tax that hits most Floridians."

Update: Florida’s communication services tax remains high despite DeSantis’ stated goal

Enact E-verify

The Promise:

"Enact E-verify to ensure a legal workforce and higher wages for Floridians."

Update: DeSantis pushes Florida further on E-Verify, but not all the way